Do not Get Cursed Through These Actions



"I am the LORD thy Lord, which have produced thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou can haven't any other gods before me. Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image, or any similarity of any thing that is in paradise over, or that is in our planet beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shan't bend down thyself to them, or serve them: for I the LORD thy God is really a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the men upon the kids unto the 3rd and last decades that loathe me."


That training is just specific and simple. Lord said that people mustn't worship, offer, produce any picture (representation) or bend down seriously to principalities, powers, demons, dropped angels, mermaids, mermen, mammy water, spirits, people or their brokers in the heavens (air), on earth (land) or in the water beneath the earth (seas, oceans, seas, streams, springs, etc). And the later is where in fact the principality Osun; the stream goddess of Osogbo goes to - in the water underneath the earth. In other newer bible translations, they are also displayed by chickens, animals and fish. They are all stating exactly the same thing. They symbolize the demonic powers residing in these three realms. God stated that He (Jehovah, the Founder of the universe, the Almighty, the Lord of heavens and earth) is the only person that should be worshiped. He sternly informed that everyone the will flout this training will definitely, severely be tried making use of their kiddies and years following them.呪い代行


Now, before we enter into these awful curses issued against idolaters, I will first of all as you to notice the spot of the training in God's commandments. It is the initial! And that obviously reveals how important it is to Him. It absolutely was like God has been waiting to voice this out. He fully hates idolatry and occultism in just about any sort or guise. He says that He is a jealous Lord and wouldn't let such a thing or anybody to take His devote creation. Sure, He made all things and will not allow His creation to keep Him to praise other things. It is just as simple as that. He says that people must serve Him and be blessed or serve Satan and these devil tones, their picture associates and be terribly cursed. And let us see a few of these curses:



The term of Lord made it obvious that there is a heavenly demise phrase hanging on anyone that requires in idolatry, witchcraft, sorcery or occultism. They are different divisions of the exact same tree. You can find always strange deaths over the persons, people, neighborhoods, etc, that praise fake gods like Osun. Why? One, God's frustration and insufficient divine protection will generally trigger these deaths. Two, the devil gods is likewise depriving them of lives right and occasionally indirectly by demanding for human sacrifices from time and energy to time. And I really hope you realize that many of these dreaded, blood-thirsty secret organizations just like the Ogboni, Osun cults, an such like, have hyperlinks to Osun. Actually, there are about three Ogboni structures proper inside the Osun rhythm at Osogbo. Ogboni is the elitist, very dangerous and many horrible key culture in Nigeria. And most powerful individuals from almost all spheres of life in the united kingdom are thought to fit to this cult. They involve in various dangerous demonic rituals, satanic praise and individual sacrifices; applying others and also their spouses, kids, buddies and relations. Some of these scary, horrible and fantastic techniques are correctly documented in those my publications I stated earlier. These demonic entities and their human brokers are really great, filthy, blood-thirsty and heartless! Like their master - Satan, they hate human beings with passion. Blood and individual sacrifices are normal with them.