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The alleged bounce factor is one of the greatest problems that numerous persons experience when they problem a horse race. What it means when it's claimed that a horse bounced is that the horse had a competition where it raced hard and had a very top speed figure and then, in its next battle, ran a poor race. After increasing itself and expending lots of power in a hard battle, a horse frequently needs a race or two to recover. It's quite difficult to learn, but, whenever a horse may rebound or when it will continue its winning ways.


Nobody wants to guess against a horse that only won a battle with a top speed figure. It really doesn't produce a lot of feeling, initially glance. The winner on most horse events is one of many prime four horses who'd a high speed determine in their last race. Thus, if you are applying pace results as among the facets you take into account whenever you handicap a horse race, it's also wise to look for the rebound component and try to avoid betting on a horse who's a probably candidate to bounce.


Listed here are a few things to consider to help you avoid losing on a bouncer...


To start with, if you are using lengthy previous shows, the simplest move to make is to look straight back through all of the runner's events and see when it ever returned before. If you see the horse has completely lengthy it self before and got right back with a good race, then it could not jump this time around. On one other give, if it is completely extensive and then shifted in the past, it might be done properly if it is coming out of a tough competition where it is fought difficult for the win.


Even if you can't see it ever returned before, you might have access to the horse's highest rate on top that it's working on in the present race. Many past performances do offer them. In the event that you note that the horse received a 101 in its last battle and that is also the greatest speed determine in their life, beware. It will have ample sleep and it is also good to see a great strong exercise because that race. One or more works suggestion the trainer thinks the horse is fit. soft bounce


The coach might function the horse to observe how it works and then enter it in a race. If he or she believed the horse was prepared to contend from then on work out, then it may not be ready to bounce.


Your final way to test for the rebound component is by considering the horse. When you can view it in the paddock and post parade and it exhibits the perspective of a horse that is preparing to run, if it is on its toes and on the muscle, then it may be okay. On the other give, if it seems too thin, maybe even what they call, "hidden up," then you might want to find another choice in the race or just go the whole.