A Strange Universe With No Feeling Of Direction

According to the Western Union Website, Europe has about 4,000 larger education institutions, with over 17 million students and 1.5 million staff. "Some European universities are amongst the most effective on the planet, but overall potential isn't applied to the full."Among the main problems of Europe can be one of the major problems of any big company: what do we centralize and what's better performed at a local level?


Up to now everything is performed at the neighborhood (read country or national) level and among the problems is that certain college degree in one local environment (Spain) isn't equally recognized at still another local region (for example in Holland). Somebody with a college level in radiology can not switch careers involving the Netherlands and Spain or even formerly that academic examine is "homologized."


The homologation is a process where in fact the certification of just one institute is weighed against still another and approved as being of identical weight. This process does take time and is costly for graduates and forms an electronic barrier between the member states. The homologation is one method to provide transparency. It will destroy these barriers and can make free freedom involving the states possible Brcko.


The Bologna Process seeks to create a European Larger Knowledge Area by 2010, by which pupils can decide from the broad and transparent array of good quality classes and benefit from smooth recognition procedures. The Bologna Report ... has devote movement some reforms required to make Western Higher Knowledge more compatible and comparable, more aggressive and more appealing for Europeans and for pupils and scholars from other continents.