Is a Pornography Dependency a Large Option?

For decades, our society has fought in knowing just how to answer pornography. Must we become more open and accepting of pornography? Some have recognized it as a good way to greatly help couples open up and are more relaxed using their sexual relationship. Their argument is that it can help couples become less inhibited with each other.


Others have argued that pornography is bad for relationship because if one spouse isn't more comfortable with viewing it, it may hurt the relationship. One person described this thought completely when she said, "I started wondering if my husband was more thinking about looking at pornography than being with me."


I attended to the conclusion that there are two groups who are really effective and passionate regarding this issue. As a clinician, I have seen far how to quit pornography  of the negative effect of pornography on relationships. I have experienced individuals and couples whose lives have already been turned inverted by it. That doesn't always show that some couples are not having good experiences with pornography.


Therefore what's the clear answer? Is union and pornography appropriate? Until we as a community do have more proof of how pornography is influencing relationships, we will continue to know both arguments about the good and bad of it.Pornography is an integral part of our society and will be for a long time to come.


The Internet has changed the pornography industry and has created pornography open to the masses. As a result, we've to step straight back and know what impact it's having on relationships and society. We have to handle difficult questions like: a) is it fine to see pornography behind your partner's straight back?; b) What should a person tell his/her spouse if they have been viewing pornography for a long time; and c) Why does discovering a partner's pornography watching cause some individuals to get worried due to their relationship while others can care less.


We need to learn how to be more open about pornography in our relationships. I accept Dr. David Pennebaker who claimed it in this manner, "Without speaking with the others about solid sexual drives, people cannot gauge if their urges are regular or healthy." (1) When couples are shut down and cannot talk together about sexual choices, they are going to have other connection issues.