I Deliverr is Giving You £5 off This Weekend

Let's say you're throwing a house party – what's the worst that could happen? Okay, a few things, but one of the biggest would be running out of booze way too early. After all, it's pretty challenging to do a beer run when you've previously had a few drinks. Lucky for all of us, I Deliverr has come to salvation with their innovative service that delivers beer, wine, and all your favourite spirits and champagnes directly to your door same-day in under 60 minutes. 

I Deliverr a true hero when it comes to house parties, and any other formidable events you're planning at home. But we all know this weekend, in particular, is a big one. We've got a lot of partying to do, and I Deliverr will make sure you have all the alcohol & cigarettes you need to keep your guests sweet and happy.

If you're new to the, I Cigarettes Delivery service, and they're offering £5 off your first order of £20 or more. Just go online or fire up the I Deliverr app, add all the drinks to your cart, enter the code IDELIVERR5 at checkout, and I Deliverr will work with your local shops to get your booze to your door within an hour. Did we also mention that they'll even bring over Coke, Lemonade, soda, ice, condoms and other party supplies? That's pure genius.

£5 off an alcohol delivery near me with code IDELIVERR5 at http://www.ideliverr.com