Society and Tyranny




In 1991, following around 30 decades of research and original ideas, I printed my theory into the future democratic society in "Technological Democracy: A Humanistic Viewpoint of the Future Culture", and shown their more enhanced design in my later guides cited below. Due to the worldwide economic crises making people to choose a new societal system to restore the old corporate dominated one, I chose to publish a refined and small edition of my theory, in a manifesto form of just 64 pages for general public as helpful information for taking activity toward changing the system. I strongly feel this is actually the process for the future world that may materialize through this century. It helps you to save several lives and possibilities when we understand it now and take activity to materialize it before it gets also late to stop wide-spread violence and bloodshed.


The financial idea presented this is a portion from a new clinical theory of scientific democratic culture that will be believed, in the course of time but fundamentally, to replace the present two centuries old disorderly and dated system of, therefore named, consultant democracy. Persons in the majority of created and some establishing nations are seriously buying contemporary but only and fair process to displace it. The full total and depth design with this new societal process, which is shown in three books (over 1000 pages), obviously cannot be properly shown here. The reader will need this in mind when some issues arise. However, knowledge it with only a little utilization of reasoning and reasoning is very easy, considering that the scientific root of the principle rests on the applying of just one principle of equality of opportunity.


Our Constitution practically addresses the principle of equality of opportunity but imagine, to clarify it, we pass an amendment to the constitution realizing equality of prospect being an personal right in every aspect of daily life. This instantly grows democracy to protect the whole process of the societal life: financial, political, as well as social. Let us see what are the results to the economy of the nation and alongside it to personal liberties, political process, cultural order, employment rights, and equality irrespective of battle, sex, tradition, and religion. Here is a very brief bill of it..venta de sociedades


The theory of equality of prospect prescribes that every person has complete power of control and management of whatsoever he or she possesses during his entire life, but no one in a technological democratic culture is permitted to gain prospect around others through accumulation of wealth by gains attained by exploitation and subjugation of others, or free transfer of assets. This theory is called "prohibition of unjust enrichment." Such deposition is permitted only through individual's possess labor. Ergo, there is no-one to be enriched through inheritance or getting house or resources with out a similar compensation. Associated with that such enrichment can disturb equality of prospect by increasing one's prospect, without his particular initiatives, over these of others. Inheritance is allowed and then the extent that it does not affect equality of opportunity. Revenue is yet another type of unjust enrichment because the capitalist receives it through exploitation of personnel as well as consumers. It unjustly improves the ability of the capitalist against individuals and others. However, a nationally specified level of return from the use of money is justified.


While money is still one of the major causes of generation, its features is very different with that under capitalism or socialism. Besides the capital gathered through savings from the worker's own earnings, in order to attain equality of possibility, each staff in addition has yet another supply of money accumulation. It is really a identified quantity of gives of his employer's organization he gets each month alongside and as a part from his salary. This technique slowly and peacefully moves money from the capitalist to the staff letting him or her increasing voice in the operation of the firm. A distinctive and fantastic result is accomplished by this technique of move; the variance between the capitalist and working class disappears and both join together in to one. It is very important to notice that the functioning school under that idea embodies anyone in any manufacturing process from its top managers to its least competent one.