Dark Money in Swiss Banks - Astro Evaluation

The problem of repatriation of this unaccounted money arose because the United Claims government took some steps to access such funds from Swiss Banks and Swiss government authorities.When India got their freedom in 1947, it had been an undesirable state lacking in wealth though it was very wealthy in natural resources.


The method of wealth generation ソフト闇金安心 at a quick pace. But, the rates of Income Tax in India were one of the best in the world. That encouraged manufacturing of black income and their move to external banks. It's actually an enigma that India is a building state but Indians have biggest remains of black money in Swiss Banks.If we study this situation astrologically, these observations could be made.


The findings are on the basis of the horoscope of India drawn on the cornerstone of the delivery of Separate India in the night of 15th June 1947.As per Vedic astrology, Jupiter and Venus both have been given the position of ministers in the case of the Sun (king). When Jupiter and Venus are not effectively put in the horoscope, it might show dubious role of the professionals, administrators, ministers and the elite class of the country.


In the horoscope of a nation the next home presents wealth, the 3rd house represents organization and enterprise, the fifth house is seen for stock markets and entertainment business, the 9th home presents fortune and the 10th house shows occupations of the country. Likewise, the 11th home presents money and 12th home shows costs and outgo of resources to international lands.The tenth lord in the horoscope of India is Saturn that happens to be put into the 3rd house.


Sunlight, Mercury, Venus and Moon are conjunct with the 10th lord. The 11th master Jupiter features the second home along with the 10th lord Saturn. These positions indicate that the folks of India will have various vocations like agriculture, market, mining, commerce, activity, flourishing media and IT segment etc. The folks of the country will have presence in almost every area due to the influence of so many planets with the 10th lord.


This can support in the process of wealth creation.Strong third house suggests flourishing enterprises in the country. Saturn put into the 3rd house shows that India is a country which feels in the philosophy of work and is a nation of hardworking people.The placement of Jupiter as god of house of gets in the 6th house is enjoying a debateable role.


Firstly, 6th home being the house of debts, the keeping of 11th lord in the 6th house escalates the quantum of national debt which is a fact. The part of Jupiter on the 12th home more shows that the national wealth will soon be siphoned down to international land. The ill-placed second master in another house can be a sign of pilferage of nation's wealth. God the father of the 9th house is Saturn.