The Off-Color Book of Turkish Jargon -- Frikik (Free Kick)




Lots of you already know just how Peri and I just like the Turkish cartoon-humor of'Maganda'(The Lout), the cartoon-strip that we first found in Gözcü Gazetesi (The Watchman Newspaper) 6 or 7 decades ago. We have loved the cartoon-series on numerous levels...because of its price in aiding us describe this is of Turkish idioms and social'idiosyncrasies'-- and due to the natural cartoonist laughter, usually somewhat politically-incorrect, that produces us laugh.  باقلوای ترکی


In the normal animation example seen here, when The Lout is caught in flagrante dilecto by his partner within their marital sleep with a fairly young stranger, the wife shouts, "Whaaat?! You're in my bed...with another person, huh?" The Lout, in his normal dim-witted and weaselly way, tries to excuse his behaviour saying, "Do not be upset, my beloved wife...I can explain. You see, while you had been away, that woman slipped by to collect donations for charity. Following I gave her some of one's old gowns and shoes, she requested,'Is there whatever else that your partner doesn't use?' -- So that's exactly how we arrived in bed."


For most of the decades after we found the animation collection, the cartoonist was Volkan Atalay -- up through the end of 2005, in fact. But in 2006, the cartoon-strip got a title modify and a fresh cartooning artist. It's however as interesting as ever, but it's today named'Kaygisiz'-- which virtually suggests'carefree, untroubled '. Figuratively speaking,'Kaygisiz'also holds a kind of a MAD Publication, Alfred E. Newman,'What Me Fear'connotation. And although the cartooning has become performed by Ergin Asyali, the key loutish personality is unmistakably the exact same that Volkan Bey first introduced.


Today, the problem is... what happened to Volkan Bey? We have needed to contact him to thank him for the countless years he entertained people -- and served us describe Turkish language items on our website. But we haven't had any luck. If among our readers knows how we may achieve him, please decline us a line... Else, stage him to the article therefore he may know of our appreciative admiration for his superlative cartooning artistry.


John and (co-author) Perihan Experts are a partner and partner team, living on the Aegean Coast of Turkey just 50 miles south of Izmir. Jim was born in Shanghai, China -- of National military parentage. Peri came to be on the Black Ocean shore of Chicken near Trabzon, of Turkish military parentage...Enticed by a Financial Situations advertisement, Rick joined a NATO backed enterprise in Ankara in 1974 wherever he achieved the beautiful and brainy Perihan, a growing young Turkish banking executive. Settled today in the heart of what was once the ancient Ionian Empire -- the pair stay an idyllic life by the sea.. publishing, pulling and painting, teaching English, and giving computing company help to regional businesses. They also sponsor the MSNBC award-winning Understanding Practical Turkish Website which includes created an enthusiastic international following of devoted Turkophiles and curious language students of most ages.