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Marketed to Commodore in the Elegant Navy, James Norrington performed by Port Davenport, star of numerous top ten movies, proposes to Elizabeth performed by Keira Knightley, a celebrity match for top scored movies, girl of Governor Weatherby Swann, performed by Jonathan Pryce. Her over-tight corset faint's her and she falls in the bay and the medallion she's carrying begins emitting pulse. She's recovered by Captain Jack Sparrow performed by Johnny Depp, sure to port that film to top ten movies, is identified by Norrington, is arrested and condemned to death. Dark Gem docks at Slot Regal answering the heart of the medallion and Elizabeth is captured by Captain Barbossa performed by Geoffrey Speed, providing an efficiency match for prime shows, whom she shows her surname as Turner, recalling May Turner played by Orlando Bloom, again a premier musician with prime scored shows, who was simply saved by her dad and herself nine years back and to whom the medallion belonged. As a swap for the medallion the devils acknowledge never to assault Dock Elegant but keep her as hostage noticing she could have them out from the curse.  pirate-bay


Can, deeply in love with Elizabeth, persuades Port to help free Elizabeth instead of his freedom following Norrington struggles to get immediate action. They get hold of HMS Interceptor and following recruiting staff head for Isla de Muerta, wherever based on Jack the pirates will go to separate the curse. On way May comes to understand concerning the problem from Port and discovers how exactly to separate it. All the coins looted from the Dark Gem with blood of all bandits in it ought to be put in the chest. In case a bandit is no further alive, blood of his close general is required. The crew of Black Bead had turned into skeletols because of the problem and could become mortals again if the last cash belonging to the deceased Bill'Bootstrap Bill'Turner, father of May Turner is delivered with body of May on it.


On attaining the area, Can hits down Jack and rescuing Elizabeth escapes but is chased by Barbossa and caught. On learning he is the daughter of Bootstrap Bill, Barbossa abandons Jack and Elizabeth on an area, destroys Interceptor and leaves for Isla p Muerta. Norrington who has been following Elizabeth rescues her and Jack. They change to Isla de Muerta wherever Elizabeth helps recovery Will but Jack is remaining on the Black Gem preventing Barbossa. Chasing on Norrington's vessel, they ambush Barbossa and Jack and Will set the past two medallions in the chest thus breaking the curse. While wanting to save Elizabeth Port kills Barbossa and the staff, today mortals, surrenders. Can is pardoned and marries Elizabeth while Jack is effective in escaping to Black Bead and his crew accepts him as Captain. Barbossa's monkey has have Port and when Jack accumulates a money from the chest, the monkey converts directly into a skeleton leaping and screaming.


The film's thought has been produced by Jay Wolpert from the Pirates of Caribbean drive at the Disney Design Park, but it had been more produced by Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio, who have scripted many prime shows, with the curse idea placed in by company Jerry Bruckheimer. The direction has been handled by Gore Verbinski, who has several top 10 movies to his credit and the music has been constructed below Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer. Gore did a wonderful job on the movie which will be considered a big attack with experience seeking viewers. Johnny Depp seems like is a pirate all his life. The places have been picked with great treatment and the usage of CGI has been blended with them to give a realistic watching experience. An Satisfying and engrossing movie that will probably be remembered for a long time in the future for Depp - The Pirate.