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Ladakh, being fully a tourist hub, with over 18,000 national and foreign tourists visiting it, one is bound to discover several tour operators and vacation brokers in the region.Some of them are independently run and some are government run. These give exemplary tour deals, hotel keep, hiking offers in line with the budget of the tourists.


Inexpensive and mid-priced offers or extremely customized plans with particular manual and itinerary, these are available with tour operators.The main middle for tourists in Leh is the Leh Tourist Office and Tourist Party Center about two miles south of the town center.


Then you will find vacation agents like Overland Escape (specialists in Adventure and National trips, Wildlife seeing and Community based tourism), Kailash Hotels in Sikkim (specialists in Hiking in Indian Himalayas, Hill Biking, Cold temperatures Treks, Rural place tribal travels, Camel safaris on Silk Course, Holistic therapeutic, Meditations, Buddhist excursions,Lodge booking and conferences).


Other visit operators specializing in trekking and other experience actions like Stream Rafting with visit guides, Kayaking, Safaris, Yak Safaris, National Excursions, Hill Biking, Biking and Unique interest Trips include Ladakh Voyages, Productive Adventure India, North India Visit Packages, Vacation Himalayas, Visit Himalaya.


A few of the visit operators and journey agents and instructions from the rest of India that also offer Ladakh Tour deals are India Tour Operators Promotion Council (provides data on the top vacation agencies, lodge agents and car rental service companies and it will help in building and promoting journey and tourism in India), Vacation Offers India, Indian Journey Tours, India Experience Travel, etc.


Vacation Agents and visit operators have already been a major stage towards growth of Ladakh as a tourist hotspot. Once government opened the region for tourists, these entrepreneurs found a way to mix the double benefits of creating tourism in Ladakh. One, technology of revenue for the agents, and second growth with this rural region.