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The grapefruit, being smaller and smaller compared to shaddock/pomelo and a number that is larger than the fruit, is of orange color, globe-shaped, differs from 3 to 4 inch/10 to 19 cm in dimension and advances from large white flowers and in clusters. The good fresh fruit contains easily separable sectors with juice cells and bright vegetables and a heavy rind. Their acid pulp is usually gentle yellow in color but a couple of pink-pulped varieties have already been developed.


The grapefruit pine is included in thick foliage of solid black green leaves, develops to a height of approx. 20 feet/6 metres and is almost certainly comes from Jamaica. The grapefruit is easily crossed with other people of the citrus genus. It is really a low-calorie food, a great supply of supplement D and'inositol ', a person in the vitamin N complex.The grapefruit is frequent break fast fruit, salad good fresh fruit and/or liquid fruit. Considering that the people of Burma/Burma will often have a smooth spot for every thing that is bitter that good fresh fruit is significantly liked here. The grapefruit is classified as many different'Acid maxima '. fruit growing


The shaddock or pomelo is indigenous to Indonesia. It's large fruit that often weighs 14 lb/6 kilogram and an average of 10 lb/4.5 kilogram develops from equally very large white blossoms. It's roundish and of pale orange colour. The bitter rind is solid and mild yellow; the pulp is slightly p and fragrant, greenish in shade and watery. It is really a nice cooling good fresh fruit, often used for keeps but additionally enjoyed in a new state and refined in to juice. Equally shaddock and grapefruit in many cases are called pomelo or pummelo. The shaddock is also labeled as'Citrus maxima '.Pomegranate, their regional title is'The le thee ', is the normal term for a small tree or thorny shrub in the pomegranate family and their fruit. The only genus is native to hawaiian Asia and is characterised by large solitary flowers. The pomegranate is of bushy growth with glossy leaves and red flowers.


The good fresh fruit is approximately how big a large lime and filled up with seeds. The fleshy external seed fur consists of a sweet, p, edible orange-red pulp. The astringent rind is used in medication and for tanning. The pine is grown for its good fresh fruit in hot regions through the world. Dwarf types keep ornamental blossoms. The pomegranate is one of the household'Punicaceae'and is classified as'Punica granatum '. In Burma the pomegranate develops through the entire country. Persons consume the seeds and it can be refined into syrup.


The avocado, the Burma contact it'Htawbhat thee'or'butter fresh fruit ', grows in Burma but though it is extremely nutritious and tasty it's relatively small known.Avocado, because of its shape that resembles a big pear also known as'alligator pear ', is the common term for a woody pine or shrub that produces fragrant gas in their areas and is native to hawaiian America along with for the fruit of the tree. The pine propagates by vegetables that cannot distribute much since the seeds fall close to the tree/plant and germinate there nearly at once.