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I'm Linda Carroll and I'm a professional Augmented and Mixed Reality developer and designer. Currently, I specialize in the development of mobile applications based on ARKit and ARCore projects but I also had experience in developing apps and projects for Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens. In the last few months, I'm learning about Spark AR studio by Facebook and Lens Studio by Snap Inc. As a result, I would like to change my professional orientation and start developing AR lenses and effects for Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook app. If you are interested to hire me I would like to develop your future AR / MR project. Discover my AR portfolio, services, prices and more information about me on Catchar https://catchar.io/creators. In addition, on Catchar you are able to find my core team or skilled AR / MR designers, developers, 3D artists, hire augmented reality developers   Together, we are able to prototype, design and develop quality AR experiences and projects. I believe that shortly Augmented and Mixed Reality will change our lives and 

how we interact with digital content and information. Shortly, these technologies will replace our smartphones and desktops. Actually, I very excited that I joined Catchar. Guys from Catchar have built the most innovative eco-system for Augmented and Mixed Reality developers, designers and 3D artists. By using this service you can share your AR projects, updates, news and tutorials. In addition, you don't need to be a AR developer or creator to share and submit projects to Catchar. Actually anyone can do it by using its simple form. So you love AR and MR you are definitely in the right place. What is Augmented and Mixed Reality? AR and MR allow overlaying physical objects with digital content that can contain lots of elements, such as 3D graphics, animation, video, images, sound and buttons. Currently, you can discover plenty of different AR experiences. Sure I believe that you hear about lenses and effects that change human faces and bodies in real time. The next most popular AR experience is marker-based AR. This type of AR allows overlaying printed images, posters, labels, business cards with different digital content. Augmentation of different objects, such as houses, attractions and even streets.