Stackby – Build Your Own Tools, Your Way!

 Stackby, a tool that combines Spreadsheets, Databases, & Business API’s enabling you to create your own tools, your way. 


If you are someone who is juggling around with multiple spreadsheets or trying to manage your workflow with use of spreadsheets, then you need to have a look at this web based application.

  • Create your own tools

No more ping ponging between spreadsheets, CRMs, project management software and other apps to get things done. Stackby brings it together with various building blocks for you to create and customize the way you want.

  • Collaborate with your team

Collaborate with your team in real-time from anywhere you are, create checklists, setup reminders or even send notifications directly to your Slack. Make sure your updates never go missing.

  • Connect to popular services

Connect your columns to popular APIs you use every day. Pull data automatically from popular services like YouTube, Clearbit or Google PageSpeed and analyze data with Google Natural Language API. Refresh to bring the latest data in real-time.


Since the web is full of information and services about people, companies, products, providers, etc., managing multiple spreadsheets that become cumbersome. People who know how to code are often out of reach from the end users to make use of information efficiently.


Stackby is precisely has a familiar spreadsheet-style interface, functionality of databases and best business APIs (MailChimp, Clearbit, YouTube, Twilio, etc.) all in a single cloud-based platform, that anybody can customize and automate according to their needs.


No coding, no training needed.


Building blocks for everyone

  • Create unique column types

Choose from 20+ unique column types such as Dropdowns, Attachments, Collaborators, Link tables, Lookup, Aggregate, API, Buttons and more

  • No more manual data entry

Pull data automatically by connecting columns to popular business APIs. Refresh to get data in real-time. Check all our integrations here.

  • Multiple data views

Completely customizable layouts to visualize your data for your team. It all starts with a table but grows as per your needs.

  • Get started in minutes

Import your data easily from a spreadsheet, google sheet or start with pre-built templates to grow and evolve.

  • Customize your way

Customize your data views with Filter, Sort, Hide Columns, Row height and more.

  • Keep track in real-time

Add checklists, setup due-dates, reminders and send notifications to Slack on individual records.

Try Stackby Now!

Create your own company-specific work management platform with customizable spreadsheet-style databases and business APIs.


  • Combine the best of spreadsheets, databases, and business APIs in a single platform

  • Customize information with 25+ unique column types and view it in multiple layouts — including Grid, Kanban, Calendar, and Forms

  • Sync data automatically by linking columns to third-party apps and keep projects refreshed and up-to-date at all times

  • Best for: Marketers, agencies, and small businesses who need a better way to plan, organize, and manage their team’s work


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