Satta Matka online In India

These days, the internet is raging with Satta  Matka (or rather Satta). It is a form of lottery which is illegal in

India if played offline. It involves betting on some complex settings of numbers. Though the Fever of

Matka on the internet is new, the invention of the actual game dates back to the days before

independence. Satta matka


The beginning of satta matka 


The Mataka started in India before independence. It involved betting on the opening and closing rates

of cotton from the Newyork Cotton Exchange. But, things completely changed post-1960 when The

Newyork Cotton Exchange stopped the practice.

The gamblers did not want to stop the gambling. Hence, came up with many alternatives. This is when

one gambler, Ratan Khatri introduced an idea of predicting the opening and closing rates of imaginary

products. To put in place this, people wrote numbers on paper chits and put in Matka (an Indian pot).

After this, any person drew out a random chit and declare the written number. The practice was much

like the fish pot these days.

Over time, the matkas were switched to playing cards. The gamesters would pick any three numbers

from the card deck. Even though, now it included cards, the name “Matka” was never changed. Then

after, there were many gamblers who introduced the game with their own rules and competed in the


The Matka business picked a rage in the 80s and 90s and made the business of around 500 crores per

month. And by the time, the Mumbai police chased the gamblers around, the business had come down

to Rs 100 crores a month.

The story of Matka got more interesting when it got digitalised

Now, not only the workers of the textile mills but everyone could play it. Even interesting, they did not

even have to visit any Matka shop. They could right play it right from their phones and computer