The Eternal Christian Gift of the Jerusalem Stone

Modern Jerusalem history, also, has left their tag - you are able to place topic holes in downtown structures, wherever Jordanian snipers opportunity at Jerusalem people from the Old City, just before Jerusalem's unification in 1967, and begin to see the gun where in actuality the Mandelbaum Entrance - the only real connection place between east and west Jerusalem - used to stand.


Change to the future and you'll find award earning modern architecture at the Israel Memorial, span the newly-constructed Link of Strings or attend conventions on ground-breaking scientific discoveries. Jerusalem record extends far back into yesteryear, but it reaches much foreword, holy land.


Has there ever been an occasion when the state of Israel did not need to battle for survival? The minute Joshua led the Israelites into the Offered Land, they fought the people to protected the land that the Lord of Israel promised Abraham (Genesis 13:14-15). In taking a look at the pages of record, it's possible to perhaps not refuse that Israel has constantly confronted an uphill fight to exist as a nation.


For instance, following conquering Israel, the Romans attempted erasing the state from record by renaming Israel "Palestine" and changing the name of the money, Jerusalem, to "Aelia Capitolina." It's nothing short of magic that the forgotten area of Israel was reborn two-thousand years later from the flames of the Holocaust on Might 15th, 1948.


To the ire of many, Israel formally declared the city of Jerusalem as their nation's money following successfully defeating bordering Arab nations through the Six-Day Conflict in 1967. Ever since then, different earth leaders have attempted in vain to create peace to the Center East. Israel stands alone in a global surrounded by places that freely find her annihilation. 


The Lord has set-apart Jerusalem from every other city on earth; He has located His name there. As a result, there has been a perpetual crazy battle between the Jews and the Muslims for the city of Jerusalem. Amazingly, the entire world has conveniently dismissed Israel's two-thousand year reference to Jerusalem and has sided with the Palestinians to split it.


Enemies of Israel think they scent body in the water regarding her beat and getting the final conquest of Jerusalem. Papers are filled with headlines regarding how the world, including the United States, is trying to force Israel into dividing Jerusalem with the Palestinians.


The Lord cautions all people who seek to burden themselves with fixing matters regarding Jerusalem: "See, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all individuals circular about, if they will probably be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. And because day may I make Jerusalem a daunting stone for all people.


All who burden themselves with it shall be reduce in pieces, however all of the people of the planet earth be collected together against it.  How many previous leaders and nations arrogantly thought they had the capability to resolve the Heart East crisis only to have an regrettable calamity or murder dissolve their feeble peace treaty efforts?