Operating Report Nissan X-Trail - Achievement Makes Dependent

Accomplishment makes addicted - on however more success. Nissan can sell world-wide approximately 800,000 vehicles from their first small sport utility Vehicle (SUV) with title X-Trail since the season 2000.Into Germany nearly each 2nd user had driven a sedan or a mix before. Why should one modify therefore anything for the brand new release?Nissan determined because of this achievement record to create with the surface on the established and essentially present under the sheet metal new, especially since with client view polls it had turned out that three of twenty X-Trail-drivers use their SUV really also in your community and another quarter him than towing vehicle. The successor can therefore nothing by his region characteristics lose, must safer to the road be however at the same time frame adapted.


In the region the newest one in the rauen mountains of north Greece shown today so it to it-won with this occasion. On the system of the Qashquai developed and with an quickly joining all-wheel get presented, he creates amazing hiking portions without problems from the certainly really torsionally rigid body. A Differenzialsperre and a pile operating down support, which limit the speed on around 7 km/h by ABS, help it.


On the highway the investment disburses it self in to the new chassis. The right point launch convinces, and the driving dynamics matches likewise. It is number contour wonder, nonetheless it owners also hill passages rather manierlich and - owing to their typical ESP - unproblematically. On the highway and in the area equally the X-Trail movements its guests amazingly comfortably. https://www.mountaindrives.com/


Well the mixture with the 2-Liter-Dieselmotor with 110 KW /150 HP of achievement and a maximum torque of 320 Newtonmeters (Nm) with the six-course transducer device content us. Furthermore Nissan provides a 2,5-Liter-Diesel with 127 KW/173 HP, which with the system may be also rigged. Both engines with a six-course hand move are supplied in series.


Furthermore two four tube Benziner are available, of 1 with two litres capacity, 104 KW/141 HP and 196 Nm, the bigger with 2,5 litres, 124 KW/169 HP and 233 Nm. Nissan considers in Germany almost 90 per cent of Diesel may be brought to the man. But first consumption speaks. For the Diesels 7.1 litres and/or 7.4 litres per 100 km are indicated as regular usage, for the Benziner of 8.7 and/or 9.8 litres plus mechanism addition, if the transducer device is ordered. If one chooses for the stepless CVT sign, consumption sinks easily.

Managing traits


With the trail activities the Benziner and the Diesels take themselves not much. Small increase the X-Trail in around 10 moments of 0 to 100 km/h, the larger importance of it one next less. In the maximum rate the Diesels with hardly 190 km/h and around 200 km/h sit actually a tad bit more very compared to Benziner. But they feature then also approximately 40 per dollar more torques, meanwhile truck drivers did not just understand which to estimate.


That outwardly obviously so small changed new ones grew following the motto: More their than seem. But at tray materials, beverage keeping and pilot opportunities in the inner he offers now around 50 litres of volume. Its trunk grew actually on class maximum of more than 600 litres, if one takes the reduced load soil out, below which approximately 120 litres camouflaged region hide themselves. If one leaves in the vehicle, 40:20 advances following surrounding a corner seat in the connection: 40 a completely even running area. Without the land maximally 1773 litres of volume are available. That clear anything around two loads evaluating X-Trail can zuladen - based upon equipment - between 460 kilograms and effectively 530 kilograms and draw as Diesels maximally two tons.