Manual to Using Attention of Betta Fish

Girls are typically less extreme than guy bettas, and Crowntail Bettas are typically more belligerent compared to the different species of betta fish. Betta fish will undoubtedly be antagonistic with all the fish that have big fins or bright colors, therefore do not place them near your betta fish. The next marine living are the absolute most remarkable match for your betta fish:


Cherry Shrimp and/or Cat Shrimp - These scavenger bottom-feeders produce good reservoir buddies for bettas, simply because they keep a tiny volume of waste subject, they could live in flat water, hot water. However, some bettas may prefer to consume shrimp as opposed to sharing a tank for your fish with them, so be watchful for nibble marks in your shrimp!


Apple Snails - Apple snails certainly are a excellent species which can be most relaxed in exactly the same water needs as a betta. Unfortuitously, they do build a lot of waste therefore require more continuous water cleansings and a more sizeable tank. They're very huge and tough when compared with a betta fish, so that your betta's offensives typically will not harm or eliminate an Apple snail.


African-american Dwarf Frogs - These little frogs are one of the finest suits for your betta fish. Make certain you don't mix up that with the African-american Clawed Frogs, which can destroy your betta! If the leading legs are webbed, you'll be OK - if the webbing is not there, you have adopted a Clawed Frog. African Dwarf Frogs love hot, soft water much like betta fish, and usually your betta will not be betta fish to them.


These frogs do not make a large amount of waste product, but are really liable to bacterial illnesses therefore it's essential to help keep your tank clear and the water problem high. Corydoras Catfish and Otoclinus Catfish - These two forms of catfish are exceptional fish that could cohabitate with a betta fish. Oto's are a little more minute, but they are equally tiny fish that not produce lots of waste.