Traits of an Entrepreneur Applied to Scientific Research

We are only start to know two things about our truth, but we are ignorant. We shouldn't be proud of our scientific and technological progress. We should look closely at the fact our world is ruled by horror and violence. We didn't eliminate poverty. We still have several wars. Violations are the main routine in the mad world. Our the truth is dangerous.


But, every thing is included in hypocrisy and indifference. We do not wish to pay attention to what is bad. I recognized that truth through dream translation because I came across the heavenly wisdom. God exposed my eyes. Might work was medical, but at a certain place it turned spiritual, because God could be the dream producer. I'd to visit the church every Sunday, and I'd to guard God's existence.


I written with many nuns and priests in what I'd found by translating this is of dreams predicated on Carl Jung's approach to dream interpretation. I had to be the main community of the church and participate of their activities. I also used seminars with studies in regards to the Bible in a catholic institution twice per month.


I recalled the lessons I'd in the catholic college where I'd studied since 6-years-old until I turned 17 and a half. My spiritual training was as important as my scientific discoveries since I'd to demonstrate the living of God to the world. In order to do this, I needed the conduct of a Almedical tirane. This was a very hard subject for me because I was selfish, lazy, crazy, useless, challenging, and impatient. I'd to totally modify my behavior.


I was not expecting to have to cope with religion when I began following Carl Jung's instructions, but I recognized that this is the most important section of might work when I found that God may be the desire company and I began precisely obeying His guidance. I acknowledged that God ought to be respected and obeyed. This is clear if you have a spiritual education.


I'd without doubt that I truly had discovered God because I possibly could recognize the unconscious sanctity and wisdom. Therefore, I didn't doubt that I should really protect God's existence. However, I transferred through six years of atheism when I was a teenager, and I knew that atheists are aggressive and rude. I didn't like my position. It absolutely was difficult to protect God's living in a atheistic world.


I also found that also those who allegedly signify Lord on earth don't believe in His existence. Several priests said that God had already declared every thing He'd to tell the world in the past. God couldn't produce new revelations. Nobody believed in miracles. Nobody thought that Lord was showing me many truths through desire translation. They could not suppose that God can give us signs of His existence.


All priests and nuns did not think that individuals should rest and dream, and wait for God's answers in dreams in order to know what to do. They believed that people should decide what direction to go centered on our personal conscience, the same as everybody else does. Carl Jung had discovered that truth before me, but he didn't understand how shocking his finding really was. He thought that the individual conscience was more powerful than it is.


Our conscience is idiotic since it performs based on only 1 main mental purpose and also a half-developed mental function, without using the four psychological features we have at our disposal: thoughts, feelings, feelings, and intuition. We also are sometimes introverted or extroverted. We do not have a healthy attitude. When I came across the living of the anti-conscience I saw that every thing was worse than it previously seemed to be because our conscience is one-sided and under-developed.