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Every globe trotter should spend some quality amount of time in Istanbul! You is going to be amazed to understand that Istanbul is not merely about Hagia Sophia. That asian city has lot more to offer. During my week extended vacation in Istanbul, I used almost two full days to investigate the Hagia Sophia.


After that, I longed to see something that would have been a degree larger both in terms of structure, record and inside decor. My visit manual proposed me to visit the Blue Mosque. I am glad I took the suggestion. That holy place of worship is just a thing of beauty, beauty and creativity. The Orange Mosque is called the Sultan Ahmed Mosque and got created involving the years of 1609 and 1616.


If you go by it's most frequent name i.e. Blue Mosque you won't discover any similarity with its exterior. The mosque is considering that title due to the wonderful orange tiles inside. However, if you are visiting on the full moon evening you will discover that the moon portrays a magical mobile within the mosque's dome and minarets. Occasionally, it does accept a gentle orange Can you visit the Great Mosque of Sultan Qaboos?.


Similar to some other mosque in Istanbul, that place also gets the founder's tomb, a hospice and a madrasa. It's open for everyone, actually the non-Muslims. The perfect way for tourists to explore that majestic architecture is always to approach from the Hippodrome. Time your trip to the Sultanahmet region in such a way that you achieve by mid morning. Prayer inside that mosque happens five instances per day which is why it closes for ninety minutes.


If you're a lady, then you definitely have to cover your mind when you enter this place. If you are perhaps not holding one, you can bring it from the entrance free from cost. In the mosque it is advised to keep silence. Moreover, it's greater to avoid display when using photographs because the thumb light could cause injury to the inside decor and its other properties.


Even before you enter the mosque, the six tall minarets external is a stunning view! You can see it from a distance and take a breathtaking photograph. And in case, if it's a complete moon evening then you definitely will have one of the finest sights. If you are outside you are able to see the cascade of domes which seems magnificent.


The arcades which can be beneath the domes increase its aesthetic splendour. You get to begin to see the interesting orange tiles as you walk in. The high ceiling inside has been covered with very nearly 20,000 orange tiles from which the mosque derives its popular name. Along with that, you can find 260 windows made in the first 17th century design that provides an oriental sense to the mosque.


Most tourists come by air. The national capitals of Damascus, Amman, Beirut and Tel Aviv all have international airports that are repaired by a range of global and Middle Eastern carriers. Both bus and personal vehicle journey is possible between all of the countries. Typically these are via numerous single crossing points like Syria-Lebanon and Syria-Jordan (at Derá on the new highway that hyperlinks both countries).


Land paths occur to bordering countries. Area vacation into/from Israel is more restricted. The most typical point of access is via the King Hussein (Allenby) Connection from Jordan. Syria has a fairly outdated train network. Some companies just run regular but those on the popular key routes operate several companies each day.