How Can We Eliminate Racism in Baton Rouge

If you follow me down the ages you might find within 100 years you are likely to have a dreadful race problem in America, whenever you could have improved and the nation can become over-populated. It is a battle for living between two other races. The weak will have to go down in destroy ahead of the strong. In the riots of Washington, East St.


Louis, Dallas, Tulsa, study the competition question and you will find that some critical considering must be performed today to solve this problem; otherwise our kids will undoubtedly be met with it. A century from enough time Garvey produced these comments will be 2023 - only eight years away - and America however features a serious competition problem. In his prediction Garvey introduced riots that happened in four aspects of the US.


Since then a pattern of riots brought about by racial problems, continue to be blight on National society. Although the bias perpetrated by social institutions has declined, the criminal-justice process appears to withstand changes to ameliorating the disparate treatment of blacks. Dark people are shown harder phrases in comparison to whites who spend exactly the same violations and police profiles them as suspects and criminals.


Within the past 8 weeks, the against racism has been afflicted by four troubling incidents of the police (and a wannabe police) using lethal force or exorbitant power on blacks. These four incidents started the usual frenzy of press protection and the normal design of conversation on bias - rejection and accusations.


The first episode occurred on January 26, 2012 and included the kill of seventeen year previous Trayvon Martin in Sanford, California by the wannabe policeman George Zimmerman. Before seeking Martin and fatally shooting him, Zimmerman produced some racial stereotypical remarks in regards to the teenager. Police asked Zimmerman the night of the murder but he wasn't caught until many weeks later after the episode started to get national coverage in the media.


The second incident, that was found on videotape, showed a bright Florida Freeway Patrol specialist straddling a woman and pummeling her with punches to her face. This incident happened July 1, 2014 on the shoulder of an active road in Los Angeles. The prey was Marlene Pinnock an unarmed fifty one year old black woman.


Her merciless defeating was not what you would assume a man to accomplish to a woman. Seemingly, it made no huge difference to the patrol specialist that this is an unarmed woman. For a police force official to do offer the kind of beating revealed on the videotape to a lady raises many troubling questions about the attitude of police officers towards dark people.