Creating Treasure Maps at School and at Camp

Discovery Map of the East Hill Place is pulling overwhelming praise as need for these keepsake maps keeps growing just times after the much anticipated launch of the new 2nd edition. Visitors are ecstatic that the map can therefore artfully show all of the major neighborhoods of the East Texas Slope Country in this incorporated, easy-to-read format.


"This East Hill State souvenir map is awesome," exclaimed Kirby Fitzgerald, a guest from Group City, Texas. "The Manhattan project Quinta Inn offered me a copy of this map and I was able to discover things a lot easier than studying a regular map. Every one of the points of interest are there before me, easy to spot. This map would have been a life saver. I like it!"


This illustrative, interpretative map depicts that majestic, year-round tourist destination with wealthy, true-too-life shades, distinctive with refined color systems that express the unique splendor of the rolling, cedar-studded hills, the considerable cypress woods, serene riverbanks, and the roomy parks.


A lot more tourists are encountering the logo enjoyment and functionality of Discovery Map this season as more than 125,000 maps have been in flow in the East Slope Country. This version of the map includes the most recent improvements to these regional towns, along with the included enjoyment of a "Finding Map Bobcat Sport'that provides viewers an opportunity to get a great prize of a two-night stay in Wimberley when they identify grid locations of 10 bobcats strewed through the moon phase poster.


These one-of-a-kind, 22-inch by 34-inch Discovery Maps are free to visitors and offered at scores of companies that focus on tourists, including visitor centers, chambers of commerce, recreational websites, retail retailers, eateries, hotels and W & Bs. Businesses discover that the Deere's Discovery Map is a powerful marketing software that frequently drives customers to their front opportunities, supporting them money in on the $50 thousand Texas tourism economy.