Importance & Type of Air Purifying Plants

Modern technologies and energy-efficient machines running continuously in modern households bring in one big problem.

It hampers the state of air and makes the indoor air impure.

There are many side effects of the modern way of living, and the major one among them is the less flow of air.

When there is a lack of airflow, then this gives rise to air pollution indoors and this, in turn, leads to many health risks like asthma.

The modern materials used in furnishing, the synthetic materials that are used, and even the gadgets and your carpet could be full of chemicals that contribute to air pollution.

Worried about how to overcome this problem? Then invest in some air purifying plants that you can keep indoors.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the popular plants and is a common plant in many households. These naturally purify the air and removes formaldehyde from the air. Keep an Aloe Vera plant beside your window and see the natural flow of sunlight into your rooms. It is a great indoor plant that helps to purify the air.

Boston Fern

These are also a well-known indoor air purifying plant that helps to clean the air, which is full of humidity. The plant is easy to grow and can be easily kept at home.

Snake Plant 

Also known as the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, this is another trendy indoor plant that is kept to purify indoor air. This is a low maintenance plant that does not have to be watered continuously. The plant can tolerate almost all levels of light, and this can be placed in your choice of room.

Bamboo Palm

Palms can be kept where your house gets a good amount of light. These grow slowly but reach 12 feet in height. You can place them indoors if your room is large. These two are known to help in purifying the air indoors and can be a great addition to your home.

Money Plants

Bring in good luck and charm as well as purify the air in your house when you plant a money plant indoors. The plant helps to purify the indoor air. These plants spread quickly in the room, balcony, or window. These are a natural purifier and a must to have at home.


If you are someone who finds it intimidating to plant houseplants as you are worried about its maintenance, then there is nothing to worry about anymore. You may be scared because growing plants is a commitment. However, most of the plants are easy to care for and also need very little maintenance.

Each of the plants has some environmental contributions. However, you may want to find out the amount of light and water that a particular plant needs to survive and grow healthy.

If you are wondering where to buy these plants from then, you can buy plants online. These are also great gifting options to gift someone.

Buy plants online and get them delivered fresh to your home. You can then plant them wherever you wish to at home.