What is the best app to catch a cheating spouse?

That's the ultimate question for anyone who wants to catch their cheating spouse. While your intuition is strong enough, it's also ultimately stressful if you can't prove or catch them cheating. With the app's help to catch a cheater on your phone, you can collect evidence, but there are chances you can also catch your cheating spouse at hand.


Hoverwatch is another mobile spy app that lets you monitor your spouse's text messages, phone calls, and other communications. It's an excellent tool for catching a naughty boyfriend. It's entirely undetectable for the Android users of the devices it's targeting. This free Android app lets you keep tabs on your spouse's whereabouts when they're away. You may also see all of the data that the user has sent and received.


uMobix is a mobile spy tool that works with iOS and Android-based devices. It allows you to monitor a wide range of activities on the target phone, including phone conversations, GPS position, online messenger activity, social media, etc. This free program for spouses provides real-time monitoring of the target device phone spying to find a cheater in their location. Allows the user to take screenshots from the target device.


Using mSpy, you may keep tabs on your spouse's online activities from afar. With it, you can quickly and easily access all of their messages. In addition, you can track your spouse's phone's GPS location using this spy app.


For parents who want to keep tabs on their children's internet activity, there's SpyBubble, a spy app program. You can have screenshots taken from the spied devices and delivered to you every second or as configured.


eyeZy is a parental control and monitoring app. When you use this program, you won't be able to see any of the photos, videos, or apps on the target phone. Finding out what your children are up to on social media is as simple as searching for their names on Google or Facebook.


You can use CocoSpy to keep track of your phone's whereabouts, texts, calls, and apps. It's one of the most excellent smartphone spy apps for peeking into saved contacts. For example, you'll be able to maintain tabs on your children and staff members.


A phone tracking program called ClevGuard allows you to keep tabs on your spouse's activities from afar without any problems. It's easy to spy on someone's phone with this program, and you can do it anywhere. Using this app, you may configure virtual geofences and receive live warnings whenever your spouse crosses them.


Spezza is a smartphone app that allows you to spy on your spouse's phone by monitoring phone call conversations(both incoming and outgoing) and the duration of each call. It is one of the greatest apps for viewing new, deleted, or renamed phone numbers of the cheating spouse.


In terms of cell phone and tablet monitoring apps, XNSPY could have been a safe option on the market. You can access your cheating spouse's contact lists and phone call logs from afar using this application through your phone.


FlexiSPY is a PC, mobile phone, and tablet tracking software. Using this tool, you may monitor a computer or a mobile phone to catch your unfaithful boyfriend. Android and iPhone users will be happy to know that FlexiSPY has a mobile viewer app.

What Is The Best One?

Choosing the best one could be challenging with many spy apps and tools that you can use as they offer functions and features you may need. But, generally speaking, the best spy app is the one that suits your needs the most. Although these apps can't answer questions like how to catch my husband cheating, you can always refer to your plan and find the best suitable one. You can consider factors that may help you shop for a spy app below.

Your Strategies

Do you want to follow your spouse? Follow them? Catch them at hand? Choose the app that can accommodate your strategies. For example, you might need a GPS tracker to track the movement of your spouse. However, you might not need their location but a communication channel they use to cheat on you instead.

What You Want to Track

You'd find what you need to track to find a cheating spouse or achieve particular goals based on your strategies. The functions and features of the spy app must cover them. Otherwise, you won't achieve your objectives. The app with the most coverage is the best option for you.

Operating System

It's essential to know that these spy apps support Android and iOS operating systems. Ensure that the app is compatible with your phone and the targeted phone. Some spy apps may allow access to functions differently even though they support both operating systems.


Generally speaking, spyware or spy apps that require root on Android or jailbreak on iPhone offer more functionalities. However, they can be full of hassles in terms of configuration, and you might not have access to or technical capability for the setup. If you're not a tech person, you can choose a spy app that requires no root or jailbreak. However, if you need particular functions that require root/jailbreak, you better maintain your strategies and hire professionals to do the jobs.


Readers should note that some of these apps aren't entirely free. Some require you to subscribe to a monthly or even yearly plan to unlock more advanced features and functions. Consider these factors whether or not they're suitable for the goals and worth the money. Do your research comparing different apps, as even some free apps may have offerings that work on your case.


Developing strategies, collecting evidence, and tracking activities have become inseparable tasks for catching the cheating spouse. Therefore, the best spy app should cover how to catch a cheating spouse on an iPhone and eventually help you prove the infidelity. Before selecting the best suitable spy or monitoring app, take your time to research. We've narrowed down the options above, and you start from there. You can also hire a hacker, that way you don’t need to download or install anything that might be detrimental to you. The hacker will do all the work and provide you with all of the information in a simpler way. Read more